Universal neutral liquid degreaser for the removal of vegetable oils and animal oils and fats from zinc-silicate coated tanks.


  • Neutral cleaning product based on highly efficient dissolving and low foaming non-ionic surface active agents.
  • Especially developed for the removal of vegetable, animal and mineral oils as well as fats where cleaning with Alkaline (CAUS) or Alkaline (POT) is not possible.
  • Suitable for cleaning tanks coated with zinc-silicate and all common metals.



Additional information


Neutral colourless liquid with a characteristic odour. Completely miscible with sea water and fresh water. Suitable for use on zinc-silicate coatings and most common metals. Limited application on epoxy coatings (maximum concentration 10% and maximum temperature 60°C)

Specific gravity (20%)


Flash point PM CC

>62 °C

pH (1% solution)


For detailed information on safety and health, please refer to Material Safety Data Sheet and / or Product label.


  1. Neutral HCF can be used for the removal of vegetable and/or animal oils and fats and light mineral oils in aluminium and/or zinc-silicate coated tanks.
  2. Neutral HCF can be used as an after treatment agent in hydrocarbon free cleaning operations where cleaning has been carried out with e.g. HD Cleaner or Degreaser GP.


Cleaning of tanks

Pre-wash before cleaning with Neutral HCF it is recommended to pre-wash with hot water at 50°C. For drying and semi-drying oils a pre-wash with cold water should be carried out immediately after discharge of cargo to retard oxidation and hardening of oil residues.

Recirculation method

A chemical solution is prepared in an empty slop tank or one of the after tanks near the pump room, circulated via the automatic tank washing system pump and heater to the tank to be cleaned, wherefrom the solution is returned to the chemical solution tank via the stripping line. Usually it is not possible to re-circulate the chemical solution through the tank washing system heater (to maintain solution temperature) without making a temporary connection between the chemical solution tank and the tank washing pump. Capacities of solution tank, pipeline and pumps etc. should be calculated carefully to ensure sufficient volumetric quantity for a continuous recirculation.

Depending on size and condition of tanks to be cleaned and quantity of chemical solution, a drawback in this method is that usually only 3 (three) tanks can be cleaned with one solution after which a fresh solution should be made and heated before cleaning can continue.
Depending on the degree of contamination Neutral HCF is circulated as a 2-3% solution for a period of 2-6 hours. The water temperature should be approx. 20-60 °C. After the circulation period rinse thoroughly with water.

Spray method

Spray the hot tank surfaces with undiluted Neutral HCF until the surfaces are well soaked and let the product act for at least 30 min. Then rinse all tank surfaces with water at max. 60°C for 45 minutes.

Hydrocarbonfree cleaning

Hand spray Neutral HCF on the hot tank surfaces and let it act for 30 minutes.
Rinse thoroughly with hot chloride free water when cleaning is completed. If fresh water is used, steam tanks afterwards to remove any chlorides which may cause delay in passing the chloride test for methanol etc.


  • Safe to use on stainless steel and alkali resistant coatings 
  • Safe to use on zinc-silicate coated tanks.
  • Limited application on epoxy coatings (maximum concentration 10% and maximum temperature 60°C)


  • Causes severe skin burns and eye damages
  • Causes skin irritation.
  • Harmful if swallowed.
  • Consult the Material Safety Data Sheet
  • Medical Emergency information in case of poisoning: Poison Information Center Mainz – 24h –Phone: +49 (0) 6131 19240 (advisory service in German or English language)


  • Approved by MARPOL/IMO in accordance with MEPC.1/Circ.590