Industrial wastewater treatment

Revolutionize your wastewater treatment with KT-Aqua NC 100. Our high-quality, plant-based coagulant!

In the chemical-physical treatment of wastewater, environmentally harmful iron or aluminum salts are often used as coagulants. Our newly developed coagulant KT-Aqua NC 100, on the other hand, is a highly concentrated, organic coagulant of plant origin. It can be used in the physical-chemical treatment of water to remove suspended solids, metals and oils/greases as an alternative to conventional coagulants.

Environmental aspect

KT-Aqua NC 100 is a plant-based organic coagulant and a genuine alternative to products based on iron or aluminum salts.

Efficient flake formation

KT-Aqua NC 100 supports the formation of flocs by neutralizing the mostly negative charge of the particles present in the water so that they no longer repel each other. This enables coagulation and the formation of larger flakes.


Save costs: In contrast to conventional coagulants, KT-Aqua NC 100 has no effect on the pH value. The additional use of chemicals to neutralize the pH value is no longer necessary.

KT-Aqua NC 100


  • Natural coagulant on a plant basis
  • Plant-based alternative to iron(III) chloride or polyaluminum chloride (PAC)
  • Free from iron and aluminum
  • Minor effect on the pH value


  • High efficiency with low dosage.
  • Does not change the pH value of the water, avoiding the need for pH correction after addition.
  • No addition of iron or aluminum salts necessary.
  • Lower sewage sludge volume compared to conventional coagulants.
  • Increases the organic content in the sludge so that it can be used for alternative applications (e.g. biogas production)

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