Manufacturer & supplier

Since more than 25 years, CTC Chemtec Chemicals GmbH manufactures and supplies Tank Cleaning Chemicals for the Chemical and Product Tanker Industry and provides also Consultant Service Worldwide.

Our new factory is based in Germany, close to Hamburg.

Our most modern production consist of fully-automated mixing units, filling units, packing and shrinking units.
A modern warehouse with optimal storage conditions is directly connected to the factory.

High quality production and the use of most sophisticated ingredients guarantees high performance tank cleaning chemicals at the end of the production chain.

All our tank cleaning chemicals are highly concentrated and are based on optimized surfactants of newest detergent technology giving maximum cleaning performance.

Our main focus is the saving of cleaning time, energy and costs by manufacturing highly effective and eco-friendly cleaning chemicals.

Our water based cleaners are readily biodegradable, non-toxic to human health and aquatic organism and have an excellent environmental profile.

Of course all our tank cleaning chemicals are approved by MARPOL/IMO in accordance with MEPC. 1/Circ.590

As a leading manufacturer of tank cleaning chemicals, CTC CHEMTEC Chemicals has now realised a CO2-neutral production facility in Dassendorf, Germany.

The production process is 100% CO2-neutral due to the use of solar panels and efficient geothermal heat pumps.

CTC CHEMTEC Chemicals thus reaches an important green milestone in its long-term commitment to the environment and sustainability.

We are green

100% CO2 neutral production facility

All hangar roofs are full covered with Solar Panels
Resulting in 198 KWp performance

Clean energy for our production
142t CO2 saved per year (= 4.261 trees)

Our Team

Jörg Schulte

Sales – Industry

Robbert Tump

Operations – Marine

Sven-Olaf Ruß

Manufacturing & Warehousing

Jens Kämmle

General Management

Holger Tiedemann

General Management

Robert Jan Blom

Sales & Operations – Marine

Kai Tiedemann

Manufacturing & Warehousing

Helge Kämmle

Sales & Operations – Marine

Nadine Brunsen

Logistics & Accounting

Melanie Tiedemann


Jörg Ganiak

Manufacturing & Warehousing

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