High performing cleaners for your tank cleaning station

NSF & Kosher certified cleaners with maximum performance and eco-friendly profile

Our advanced tank cleaning chemicals have been proven for more than 25 years in the maritime tanker industry. Now they come ashore to your tank cleaning station. Benefit from our wide knowledge about tank cleaning.

Our worldwide network enables us to provide you with the best tank cleaners at various places in the EU and also worldwide.

Tailor MAde Solutions

We have a wide range of of long term proven cleaners. But for special cleaning problems you sometimes need special solutions. Our in-house laboratory can analyze your cleaning problem and together we will find the best solution for your need.

HIgh concentrated = Low dosage

All our cleaners are highly concentrated to provide you the most economical and powerful cleaner. This results in less transport cost, lower dosage and longer time of consumption. Environmental care along the entire value chain.

NSF & Kosher certified

Are you cleaning food? We have several NSF and Kosher approved cleaners. Safe transport and cleaning of food is a must. The NSF is the only organization that offers a seal of approval for cleaning products used in food processing areas.

Easy cleaning…easy on the ENVIRONMENT…easy on your budget

Please convince yourself and calculate your cleaning-solution by using our new product-calculator

All our cleaners are highly concentrated and are designed for powerful and most economical cleaning of tanks, external surfaces and equipments. They are based on the newest detergent technology giving maximum performance.


  • Strong Acid Cleaner based on phosphoric acid
  • Environmental friendly detergents
  • NSF & Kosher certified


  • Strong Acid Cleaner based on citric acid
  • More safe alternative to other acid cleaners
  • NSF & Kosher certified

KT-Tank Cleaner X

  • powerful alkaline cleaner based on potassium hydroxide
  • Allrounder for various cleaning solutions
  • NSF & Kosher certified

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