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New Webpage Online

We are pleased to announce the release of our new webpage

We have re-designed completely our webpage and have put in a big package of informations and features.


We have two new hearts beating at our new webpage to turn it into a smart, usable and informative webpage.

  • First is the advanced product fiter that provides you with the following user friendly and smart functions:
    • Filter for various cleaning jobs
    • Filter for cleaner type
    • Calculator to indicate the required cleaner quantity based on concentration and solution quantity
    •  Comprehensive and detailed information about our tank cleaning chemicals
    •  Download of the product information/usage instructions
    •  Download of the actual MSDS


  • Second is the inquiry cart giving you the structure and functionality of an e-commerce shop:
    • Easily add and remove products to or from your inquiry cart
    • Easily adapt the quantity of the selected products in your inquiry cart
    • Move back and forth to proceed “shopping” or inform yourself about the products without removing the already selected products in the cart
    • Place your inquiry with the most relevant informations inside from the beginning to receive the right quotation even faster.


Get yourself an Impression of our new Webpage and product filter