Diesel WT

Diesel engine cooling water corrosion and scale inhibitor in liquid form, suitable for “closed circuit” systems

  • One of the five StarMarine Water Treatment Products.
  • Suitable for slow, medium and high speed engines.
  • Effective inhibition of ferrous and non ferrous metals.
  • Prevents scale and sludge build ups.
  • Safe to use when cooling water is heat source for potable water systems.
  • Does not encourage bacteria in system.
  • If the chloride level is below 100 PPM CI, also aluminium in normal rated engines is protected.



Packing: 25L pail

Additional information


Diesel WT is a pale yellow liquid, completely soluble in water. It is based on nitrite and borate in combination with specific inhibitors, organic dispersants and a pH buffer. Compatible with anti- freeze products based on mono-ethylene glycol.

Specific gravity (20oC)


pH (1% – solution)

9.5 – 10

Flash point


Application of use

Diesel WT is a nitrite, borate and polymer based corrosion inhibitor with a suitable buffer to ensure stable pH conditions. Recommendations for cooling water treated with Diesel W


  • Nitrite: 1200-3000 PPM NO2
  • Chloride: max. 100 PPM CI
  • Hardness: max. 180 PPM CaCO3


Directions for use

Please refer to attached Product information for further details.


Safety Aspects

Classification according to Regulation (EC) No. 1272/2008 [CLP]

Corrosive to metals, Category 1 H290
Skin corrosion/irritation, Category 1A H314