Filter Cleaner

Liquid cleaning agent for removal of partially carbonized oils using circulation method

  • Based on a mixture of aliphatic and chlorinated aromatic hydrocarbons, cresols and anionic surface- active agents.
  • Removes partially carbonized oils.
  • Timely cleaning prevents the formation of coke-like adherents.
  • Non-corrosive.



Packing: 25L pail

Additional information


Filter Cleaner is a light brown colored fluid. Its formula includes cresols and chlorinated aromatic hydrocarbons. Plastics and rubber should first be tested for chemical attack. The product may also attack paints and lacquers.

Specific gravity


Flashpoint PM CC


pH (1% solution)


Application of use

Filter Cleaner is mainly used for the cleaning of permanently fixed oil coolers, oil pre-heaters and metal/ceramic oil filters. These units are regularly contaminated by particles in the oil and partially carbonized oils. Timely cleaning prevents the formation of coke-like adherents which are difficult or impossible to remove.


Directions for use

Filter Cleaner is used undiluted at cleaning temperatures not exceeding 60o C. The cleaning effect is obtained by filling and/or circulating the product. Cleaning will take 8 to 24 hours depending upon the degree of contamination.

Safety Aspects

Classification according to Regulation (EC) No. 1272/2008 [CLP]

  • Carcinogenicity, Category 2 H351
  • Specific target organ toxicity — Single exposure, Category 3, Narcosis H336
  • Aspiration hazard, Category 1 H304
  • Hazardous to the aquatic environment — Chronic Hazard, Category 3 H412


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