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Since more than 20 years, Chemtec Chemicals GmbH manufactures and supplies Tank Cleaning Chemicals for the Chemical and Product Tanker Industry and provides also Consultant Service Worldwide. The main product is the “CTC-Cleaner-VLC” that was produced in Schwarzenbek, Germany and distributed to partner warehouses to the various stockpoints worldwide.

Other Cleaning Products have been produced by third part service provider in Germany and other countries and were also sold worldwide to the Chemical and Product Tanker Industry.

Due to high demand increase, Chemtec Chemicals GmbH took the decision to expand the business and to invest in a new-built facility in Dassendorf, close to Hamburg, Germany. The investment has been financially supported by the European Union.

This new facility contains offices, production and warehouse in one building.

Due to this investment, Chemtec Chemicals GmbH is now able to produce the complete European demand of cleaning products inhouse. Moreover, Chemtec Chemicals GmbH has invested in most modern production to secure the Quality standard – that our Customers are expecting – such as Full-automated mixing units and canister filling as well as semi-automated drums and IBC filling but also full-automated packing and shrinking as well as modern warehousing.

This gives a huge flexibility to serve the needs of our customers, guarantees high-quality products and also secures the competitiveness for the next upcoming years.

With the new production facility, Chemtec Chemicals GmbH increase also the permanent

staff by minimum 5 persons and took therefore responsibility of long-term employment in the region around Dassendorf.

The complete building is separated into 3 parts, that are offices, production and warehousing and will fulfill the German KW55 requirements of low Energy Consumption.

This is reached due to complex isolation technique, geothermal heat technology in combination with a 16kwp Photovoltaic System. Due to this system the complete heating supply for the entire building is realized without the need of fossil fuel.


We’d like to thank you the European Union and the federal state Schleswig-Holstein for the subsidies.