Industries at a glance

Here you will find an overview of all the industries for which we offer cleaning solutions

Discover the diversity of our industry expertise and find out how we offer customized solutions in every sector to advance your business goals.

Construction industry

CTC Chemicals has an extensive range of cleaning agents that have been specially developed for use in the construction industry.


Our highly effective solutions reliably remove all soiling in the chemical industry.

Energy and
Water supply

Energetic and clean: our cleaning products are powerful, efficient and biodegradable.

Print and
Packaging industry

We offer all types of cleaners for the printing and packaging industry, from ink cleaners to cleaners for flexographic printing machines.

Flight and
Automotive industry

Our strong and environmentally friendly solutions for the aviation and automotive industries have been proving their worth for years.

HANDWERK / Workshops /
Car washes

We offer a wide range of efficient and highly concentrated cleaning solutions for everyday use.

Cosmetics industry

We offer effective water-based cleaners that you can use to remove cured and uncured silicone from your appliances and surfaces.

Food industry /

No sector is as sensitive as the food industry when it comes to cleaning.
We offer you an extensive range of biodegradable cleaners for use in the food industry.

Machinery and
Production facilities

Floor cleaners, parts cleaners, but also maintenance products for infrastructure. We have a solution for every cleaning problem.


For the metalworking industry, we offer degreasers and cleaning agents to achieve the highest level of purity for further processing.


We offer cleaning solutions and disinfectants for public areas with high visitor numbers.

Oil and gas industry /

We offer a wide range of chemical cleaning agents for stubborn soiling in refineries and on offshore drilling rigs.


Our many years of expertise in the development of special cleaning agents make it easy for you: create your own brand with our private label solutions.


We have a wide range of cleaning solutions that have been specially developed for commercial applications.

Transportation / Logistics /
Rail transport

Chemical cleaning agents for the transportation industry. Remove oil and grease, sludge and atmospheric contamination from cars, vans and trucks.

Water treatment

We specialize in water treatment from A-Z. We provide you with professional support from water analysis to water treatment.

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