Original tank cleaning chemicals at all stock points

Since more than 25 years, Chemtec Chemicals GmbH manufactures and supplies Tank Cleaning Chemicals for the Chemical and Product Tanker Industry and provides also Consultant Service Worldwide.

The main product is the “CTC-Cleaner-VLC” that is produced in our factory in Germany and distributed to partner warehouses to the various stock points worldwide.

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Original tank cleaning chemicals at all stock point

Tankcleaning advice

Substantial experience and knowledge concerning tank cleaning operations

Best cleaning results

Advanced tank cleaning chemicals based on most sophisticated Ingredients

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Our worldwide logistic chain enable us to provide you
the original cleaning chemicals at the right place any time.

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The cleaning performance of our highly concentrated tank cleaning chemicals will significantly reduce tank cleaning time leading to lower fuel consumption, resulting in reduced bunker costs and CO2 emissions.

We are always in close contact with our customers and listen to their needs and issues. Doing this we are aware of the problems and challenges during tank cleaning operations. We constantly look into possible optimization of tank cleaning processes and procedures to achieve best cleaning results ensuring quick turnaround and optimal flexibility.







CTC-Cleaner-VLC is the most economical cleaner on the market!

Please convince yourself and calculate your cleaning-solution by using our new product-calculator


The Chemtec team has substantial experience and knowledge concerning tank cleaning operation, cleaning procedures and suitable cleaning chemicals.

We have a wealth of experience on different type of cargoes, their handling and related IMO and MARPOL regulations.

We can provide support remotely, giving us the flexibility to respond to your needs without delay.

We are able to provide you with optimized cleaning procedures or assist you in case of trouble shooting.

Chemtec Chemicals is part of the Miracle and Dr. Verwey team.


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