Stockpoint update Port Elizabeth

26. June 2019

We are happy to announce that we have opened a new Stockpoint at Port Elizabeth, South Africa

We can supply all our cleaners within 1 business day lead-time.



QR Code on our new product labels

15. April 2019

Reach the technical specifications and safety informations of our products with ONE-CLICK.


Did you know that…

15. April 2019

Our famous CTC-Cleaner-VLC is the most economical cleaner on the market?! Please convince yourself and calculate your cleaning-solution by using our new product-calculator on Effective removal of: Vegetable Oils, Lubeoils, Gasoil, Kerosene, Mineraloil Products, Chemicals, Phthalates, Paraffines, and Odour-Intensive Products Please contact us for availability and quotation. 24/7: +49 4104 91 897 99


Practical Training day on m/t Sky Ploeg

25. February 2019

Kai, Robert and Helge from CTC Chemtec Chemicals recently joined the m/t Sky Ploeg for a practical training day. We would like to thank the entire crew of the m/t Sky Ploeg, Hansa Tankers and Diamond Ship Management for the well organized and impressive day!



New Webpage Online

17. December 2018

We are pleased to announce the release of our new webpage

We have re-designed completely our webpage and have put in a big package of informations and features.


We have two new hearts beating at our new webpage to turn it into a smart, usable and informative webpage.

  • First is the advanced product fiter that provides you with the following user friendly and smart functions:
    • Filter for various cleaning jobs
    • Filter for cleaner type
    • Calculator to indicate the required cleaner quantity based on concentration and solution quantity
    •  Comprehensive and detailed information about our tank cleaning chemicals
    •  Download of the product information/usage instructions
    •  Download of the actual MSDS


  • Second is the inquiry cart giving you the structure and functionality of an e-commerce shop:
    • Easily add and remove products to or from your inquiry cart
    • Easily adapt the quantity of the selected products in your inquiry cart
    • Move back and forth to proceed “shopping” or inform yourself about the products without removing the already selected products in the cart
    • Place your inquiry with the most relevant informations inside from the beginning to receive the right quotation even faster.


Get yourself an Impression of our new Webpage and product filter



Christmas greetings 2018

17. December 2018

Dear all we would like to take the opportunity to say

THANK YOU for 2018 and wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year 2019

CHEMTEC Chemicals has made a donation to the German Children’s Cancer Fund this year in place of Christmas presents and cards.


Stockpoint update Algeciras

17. December 2018


We re happy to announce that our new partner is strategically located between Algeciras and Gibraltar

Only 3 km away from Gibraltar and 10 km from Algeciras provides us a competitive advantage and dynamism for delivery of tank cleaning chemicals and services with only 1 day lead-time

Own customs offices at Algeciras port and Gibraltar border allow us to be more agile than competitors are and the shipping rates lower compared to the past.

Deliveries at other Spanish ports are of course also possible.




New Stockpoint at New York

17. December 2018


We are happy to announce that we have opened a new Stockpoint at New York.

Following cleaners are available:




In addition we can supply various raw materials.

Delivery ports are:

New York, New Jersey, Wilmington, Baltimore, New Haven, Providence, Bosten

Also other ports are possible. Please contact us for a quotation.